A practical review of legal obligations and options for managing employees with medical conditions including insights into relevant case decisions

Sydney: Thursday 16th August
Melbourne: Tuesday 21st August
Brisbane: Thursday 23rd August
Perth: Thursday 23rd August


The Managing Ill & Injured Employees Masterclass will unravel the legal framework and analyse the consequences for employers from recent cases in managing injured and long-term ill employees. Participants will learn how to master policies and contracts that will help in the effective management of the long term ill and injured, while protecting their organisation from potential legal issues.

  • Expert advice on how new cases clarify various legal requirements for managing ill and injured workers 
  • Insights into employers’ obligations and compliance risks: The risks and pitfalls of acting (or failing to act)
  • Practical strategies to avoid liabilities associated with managing ill, injured or chronically absent employees
  • What is required when illness and injury affect the employment relationship and ability of the employee to do their work
  • Guided steps to design and implement successful return-to work and rehabilitation processes
  • What you should do if the employee refuses to co-operate

The requirements for managing ill and injured employees have never been more complex for employers. Dealing with employees who are medically unfit or injured puts employers at risk of a tangle of legal issues around discrimination, health and safety, dismissals, sick leave entitlements and compensation laws. For instance, termination on the grounds of disability or medical incapacity may lead to unjustified dismissals or discrimination claims.


Managing long term or regular absenteeism requires procedurally fair investigations. Social media postings can be presented as evidence of sick leave abuse but not permitted if simply a “fishing” exercise.
To manage these complex workplace situations effectively and ensure that both business needs and employees’ rights are met, it is essential for employers, safety, Occupational Health and HR managers to keep up-to-date with the latest legislative changes, new case law, and proven strategies for managing ill and injured employers – or risk becoming exposed when challenged under the law.
Course facilitators from K&L Gates: 
Lucy Shanahan
Special Counsel
Nick Ruskin
Emily Baxter
Senior Associate
Lauren Reid
Senior Associate
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5th annual Managing Ill & Injured Employees Masterclass 2018
                                         Wellington: Tuesday 24th July                                          
Auckland: Monday 30th July

Masterclass Leaders

Lucy Shanahan

Special Counsel

K&L Gates

Nick Ruskin


K&L Gates

Emily Baxter

Senior Associate

K&L Gates

Lauren Reid

Senior Associate

K&L Gates

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Key learning objectives:  

  • Key legal obligations and responsibilities to manage ill and injured employees in today’s HR landscape
  • Reviewing relevant legislation
  • Your obligations under relevant policies
  • Gathering and using medical information
  • Mental health: Considerations relating to workplace stress, bullying, and managing illness
  • Understanding WorkSafe guidelines
  • Dealing with Medical Incapacity: Factors, process, risks and remedies
  • Managing return-to-work
  • What to do when in doubt about legitimacy of illness or injury claims
  • Running fair investigations 
  • Gain case law insight



Who should attend Managing Ill & Injured Employees masterclass? 

  • Safety Managers, Directors, GMs
  • Occupational Health Managers and Heads
  • Human Resources Managers, Directors, GMs
  • Injury Management professionals
  • Wellbeing and Wellness Managers
  • Rehabilitation Managers
  • Return-to-Work managers
  • Workplace/Employment Relations Managers
  • People & Culture Managers
  • Line Managers/Supervisors/ Team Leaders
  • In-house Counsel 
  • Executive Managers and Directors
  • Heads of Operations
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Advisors
 From across all industries and Government

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